Come to enjoy your Real Tuscan Experience at an exclusive and historical setting.

We offer wine, olive oil and local food degustations, Italian cooking classes, events and weddings in the former wine farm with a fascinating historical wine cellar, the heritage of the noble Guicciardini family who own the property since Medieval Time.

We reopened the wine cellar together with the family Ciappi, local awarded wine producers from Chianti`s area.


Fattoria Bassetto is a former convent of Benedictine monks dating from the late XIII century. It was built as the place for pilgrims on Via Francigena, an ancient road and pilgrim route running from France to Rome.

As a farm Fattoria Bassetto started at the end of XIX century , when Benedictine convent of Certaldo was bought by Guicciardini family and converted to the multi agriculture factory.
In the beginning of XX century it was one of the most successful agricultural farms in all Central Tuscany.
In the second half of the XX century after decline of the farm, Fattoria Bassetto was reconstructed again to the international guesthouse for the “cultural pilgrims” to Italy.


The winery of Fattoria Bassetto was rebuilt in 1880, becoming the second largest in Tuscany.

It is rare example of historic wine cellar built in a cave, that preserves in its inside a long tunnel about 100 wooden barrels.

They say that in the middle ages here was a secret tunnel which connected the Benedictine convent to the nearby village. The sealed door to presumably this tunnel we still can see in the present wine cellar.

The cellar remained active until about forty years ago.


Our wine farm is located near famous San Gimignano, in the Chianti area. The owners of the farm, the Ciappi family, were dedicating love and passion to the cultivation of the land and the production of wine and olive oil. It is the family business – the whole family is involved in the company’s activities, each with a specific role. Besides the best quality olive oil and Tuscan wines, such as Chianti Colli Sinesi DOCG, Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG, Vin Santo and others, the farm also produce organic vegetables and traditional Tuscan home-made products.

Today, with all their skills and experience the Ciappi family is giving the new life to the ex-farm and wine factory of Fattoria Bassetto.



If these words have inspired you, come and enjoy your real Tuscan experience.
We are happy to share with you the history and beauty of our place.

Great food and wine guaranteed!